wine and its effects on teethVirtually everyone wants a whiter, brighter smile. Yet with the array of options available for whiter teeth, most people feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the best whitening method. Read on to learn what causes teeth staining and how you can reverse it to restore your beautiful smile.

What Causes Stained Teeth?

There are 3 main causes of staining:

  1. Extrinsic – This is when the outer layer (the tooth’s enamel) is stained due to smoking or drinking dark beverages like wine, cola, and coffee.
  2. Intrinsic – With intrinsic staining, the dentin (the tooth’s inner structure) darkens or assumes a yellowish tint. This can occur from overexposure to fluoride in early childhood, the usage of tetracycline antibiotics before the age of 8, and teeth trauma. Rarely, it may be caused by the condition dentinogenesis imperfecta which causes tooth discoloration.
  3. Age-Related – As people age, they experience a combination of both extrinsic and intrinsic factors. Tooth enamel thins over time, exposing dentin, which yellows as we grow older. Additionally, at this point in our lives, our teeth have naturally acquired more staining due to our eating, drinking, and smoking habits.

What Options Do I Have for Improving My Smile?

You have 2 primary options for improving your smile. The first is whitening with a bleaching agent. There are a number of over-the-counter (OTC) products available, or you can have this professionally done at our office.

Your other option is veneers. Porcelain veneers are custom-created, then bonded to the surface of your teeth for an immediate cosmetic improvement.

What Are the Pros and Cons of OTC Whitening Kits vs. a Professional Whitening?

Because there are a number of OTC whitening products available, this option is easily affordable for most people. While OTC kits offer results, you can expect them to be subtler and to occur more slowly than what you would experience with a professional whitening.

If you opt for a professional whitening, you’ll walk out of our office with a significantly whiter smile. Your teeth will remain whiter longer, and because you’re under the care of a professional, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a safe yet powerful bleaching solution.

What Are the Benefits of Veneers?

Unlike traditional whitening methods, veneers last for years. At a minimum, they’ll last for at least 5 years and can last for as long as 20! They’re also stain-resistant, meaning you can still enjoy coffee, wine, and cola.

Additionally, veneers aren’t just used to improve the appearance of stained teeth. They can also:

  • Improve the look of misshaped or misaligned teeth
  • Fill in minor spacing between teeth
  • Upgrade the appearance of worn down teeth

How Can I Choose the Right Whitening Option for Me?

To choose the best whitening option, please visit us for a consultation. We’ll review your medical history, determine the cause behind your stained teeth, and use that information to recommend the best whitening method for you.

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