Intraoral cameras are a relatively new dental technology that makes it possible for you to see what the dentist sees inside your mouth. These hand-held devices are no larger than a toothbrush. They are especially effective when diagnosing gum disease and structural issues with the teeth at the earliest stages. Early visualization of problems helps to minimize tooth loss, preserve the health of your gum tissue, and provide significant savings on dental care.

Dentist using mouth mirror to observe back of front teeth

A Better View

At May Family Dental we can easily, quickly, and thoroughly check your teeth for issues by scanning your teeth with an intraoral camera during a routine dental exam. The benefits include:

  • Small and non-invasive
  • An actual image for doctor and patient to see
  • Magnifies images of teeth 25-40 times
  • Provides unique angles for better tooth exams
  • Earlier diagnosis of potential problems
  • Images displayed on a chair-side monitor
  • Printable images to keep in your charts

Intraoral cameras are essential tools for preventative dental care, the long term health of your teeth, and empowering you to make informed decisions about your smile.

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