An oral cancer diagnosis can be a life-changing event. This type of cancer develops in the lips, oral cavity, or in the back of the mouth. Left untreated, the disease leads to much larger complications and may even result in death. In the US alone, approximately 34,000 adults are diagnosed each year. Early detection, especially among high-risk individuals, is critical in successfully treating oral cancer. To proactively spot signs of this devastating disease, we provide a quick and painless screening process during every routine exam.

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Who’s At Risk For Oral Cancer?

While the average age of a patient who is diagnosed with oral cancer is 62, anyone can develop the disease. There are some risk factors that may increase your risk of a positive diagnosis, including:

  • Gender – men are 2x’s more likely to have oral cancer
  • Excessive use of smokeless tobacco products
  • Habitual use of cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, cigars and pipes
  • Age – adults 40 and over more likely to develop oral cancer
  • HPV (Human papillomavirus) infections
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Previous cancer diagnosis

Early Detection Is Your Best Protection

Oral cancer screenings are typically brief and can performed during a routine dental check up. During an oral cancer screening, one of our doctors carefully examines your head and neck. The doctor also checks your lymph nodes for uncommon swelling, your tongue and gums for signs of discoloration or “coating”, and your lips for any signs of abnormalities.

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