Fluoride is a mineral that prevents tooth decay by strengthening the protective enamel on teeth. Small amounts of fluoride are present in most treated water, tooth pastes and mouth washes. A professionally administered fluoride treatment by a dentist can serve to prevent cavities and dramatically improve the health of patients at high risk for tooth decay.

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How Fluoride Protects Your Teeth

By replenishing the enamel on your teeth regularly with fluoride, bacteria and plaque are easily resisted and removed before causing tooth decay. An in-office fluoride treatment provides the following benefits:

  • Higher concentrations which means longer lasting impact
  • Fluoride applied after a teeth cleaning is significantly more effective
  • Protection for the exposed roots of teeth
  • Seals and relieves discomfort from sensitive teeth and gums
  • Eradicates white spots, bacteria, and early tooth decay
  • Strengthens the teeth enamel of patients at high risk for cavities
  • Protects the roots of teeth
  • Enhances the appearance and overall health of all teeth
  • Drastically improves defense against decay in patients with dry mouth
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity for orthodontics patients

How Fluoride Is Applied In-Office

We use a safe amount of fluoride that guarantees excellent, long-lasting results for your teeth. There are two ways that we can administer a fluoride treatment:

  • Fluoride Varnish: We will brush a thin veneer of fluoride onto your teeth. This provides a concentrated dose of fluoride onto your teeth, strengthening them immediately.
  • Fluoride Tray: During your appointment, we may fill a tray with fluoride gel or foam and ask you to bite into it for approximately four minutes.

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