intraoral cameraDid you know that the sooner we can identify and correct dental problems, the simpler treatment is? That’s just one of the reasons that we love our intraoral camera here at May Family Dental—it allows us to do exactly that. This revolutionary technology improves our patients’ treatment by helping us to spot potential problems early on.

What Is a Dental Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera is a hand-held device that’s no bigger than a toothbrush. During a routine dental exam, we use one to scan your mouth and look for abnormalities.

How Does an Intraoral Camera Work?

Dental intraoral cameras enable us to closely see exactly what is going on inside your mouth in high-resolution. They allow us to then project the images of your teeth to a chair-side monitor. From there, we’re able to save the images of your teeth for your patient files.

Why Does May Family Dental Prefer Using an Intraoral Camera?

We love our intraoral camera, because we know it allows us to give our patients the best care possible. With the small, non-invasive camera, we can get a unique angle of your teeth, which allows us to do a very thorough examination—really examining all of those nooks, crannies, and yes, occasional tooth decay. Additionally, the intraoral camera enables us to magnify the images of your teeth 25-40 times! How’s that for a closeup?

How Does an Intraoral Camera Improve My Dental Visits?

An intraoral camera improves your visits in a number of ways:

  1. It Allows Us to Clearly Show You Problem Areas. With the chair-side monitor showing real-time footage, we can show you a magnified version of any abnormalities and decay we find, allowing you to be more involved in the treatment process.
  2. The Camera Improves Your Treatment. Because the camera gives us a magnified view of multiple angles of your teeth, we can spot problems early on. So, if you have early gum disease or structural issues with your teeth, treatment isn’t delayed by a failure to identify the problem.
  3. It Saves You Money. Small dental issues turn into big problems if they’re left ignored. With our intraoral camera, we have the opportunity to correct dental issues at their earliest stages, when they can still be treated with minimally invasive procedures. This means that you’ll experience significant savings on your dental care.
  4. It Keeps Your Teeth, Gums, and Overall Health at Optimal Levels. Healthy teeth and gums don’t just affect your mouth, they have an impact on the health of your entire body. For instance, many researchers have concluded that there is a significant link between gum disease and other health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and respiratory infections. By having your teeth and gums examined with an intraoral camera, you can quickly learn of any dental problems, take care of them early on, and do something that will benefit your overall health!

If you’d like to experience the advantages of an intraoral camera, scheduling a dentist appointment with us is easy! We have 2 locations for your convenience—one in Logan and the other in Zanesville. Simply click here to access our online appointment request form. Alternatively, you can call our Logan office at 740.385.2631 or our Zanesville office at 740.452.5441.