An essential part of long-term dental health, x-rays identify cavities and other potential problems in their earliest stages. Almost every routine exam includes x-rays that help us detect hidden tooth decay and discover the source of pain or discomfort in your teeth.

18Identify Problems Before They Become Painful

At our Zanesville location (and coming soon to Logan), we use digital x-rays to capture high-resolution images of teeth. Digital x-rays provide the following benefits to our patients:

  • Comfortable flat sensors capture images from inside your mouth
  • Immediately-available images save time
  • Minimal exposure to x-ray radiation
  • Highly-detailed images for improved cavity detection
  • Zoomable chair-side images make the appointment more interactive
  • Comparisons can be made to previous digital x-rays to detect minor changes

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Our Zanesville, Ohio office provides the latest technology for detecting cavities with digital X-rays. Keep your teeth healthy, strong, and pain-free by scheduling a routine cleaning and exam.

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